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Emil Jimenez


Emil Jimenez started working in the communications industry in 1998 as a web designer in NYC. After graduating Rutgers University with a degree in Psychology, he moved to Miami where he continued his education and received a Masters in Creative Communications from Florida International University and the renowned Miami Ad School. Mr. Jimenez has worked for United Bank of Switzerland, Citibank, MTV Latin America, Leo Burnett, Lowe, and opened Passion Communications in 2009 with the dream of building an empire.

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David Navarro Bravo

Art Director

Born in charming Cordoba, Andalucia, and grown up in the world. His passion for advertising and for discovering the world soon turned him into an adventurer art director and illustrator. Right after graduating in UCM Madrid David started his career as a creative in McCann Erickson Madrid. Since then he has worked for big clients like Nestea, Chevrolet or Telefonica in Spain, Ecuador and Czech Republic. David is a true concept addict with a backpack full of ideas and an old guitar that follows him everywhere he goes, always seeking for new challenges, exciting projects and and creative excellence.

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Frank Olivo

New Business Director - Americas

Frank is a legend in the making.

If we were in olden times, they would sing hymns about him being born of fire and able to slay dragons. Very few people have enough guts to quit a cushy job and strike it out in ad land with just the wind of passion filling their sails. Always a renaissance man, Frank has been able to win clients for the Passion Communications USA office, become an SEO expert, build a recording studio, learn a bit of code, pick up a grad certificate in Digital Advertising, and start an MBA. When he is not slaying dragons or bringing in new clients, Frank plays lead guitar with his band where he fuses latin rhythms to his alt rock-inspired tracks.


Šárka Tomanová


If we ever come up with an idea that requires a winged lion fighting ninja frogs set in space, Šárka is the person that would be sweating out the production from the agency side. Time and time again, we put daunting tasks, tight budgets, with unrealistic schedules, and she is always able to deliver. Having worked in production for over 15 years on various projects for MTV and other international brands there is nothing that surprises her.

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Doug Tracy

Senior Copywriter

Our Miami Beach copywriting veteran is not just a master with words, he is an experienced photographer, movie buff, BBQ grill master, fisherman, and makes a great Tequila sunrise. Doug has been an international award winning creative for over 11 years. His passion for creative advertising started at the prestigious Miami Ad School where he has also become a lecturer of Concepting and Copywriting. He has worked all over Europe as well as the US while his work has ranged from complete global campaigns to finely tuned locally targeted ads. As an advertiser he commits not so slight acts of mind control, invents memorable characters, creates cultures, and writes stories that will be ingrained in societies all while winning awards, staying within budget and exceeding projected sales.



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