Our work on Staropramen Premium and Staropramen Selection was selected to the finals of the European Effie awards two years in a row. The campaign was launched in 27 markets (UK, USA, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Sweden…) with an increase in market share and sales in every market. We were one of only 35 agencies in all of Europe to reach the finals and the only to reach it in back to back years for the same client.
As part of a strategic plan to capture market share in the world beer segment, Staropramen was looking to refresh its international image and claim ownership of a specific communication that would differentiate the brand from strong local competition. Our challenge was to find this ownable asset and develop an integrated advertising campaign that would resonate with our international consumers.
By using the positive feelings that the city of Prague arouses in consumers’ minds, our solution was to establish Staropramen as the beer that embodies the “Spirit of Prague.” Our “Legends of Prague” TV campaign showcased some of the many magical stories of the city, and gave them an interesting and uplifting modern twist.
The success of the campaign was immediately felt when our ads consistently scored off the chart in marketing testing. All Staropramen countries registered an increase in sales following the launch of the campaign. The “Spirit of Prague” theme was well-received worldwide by our consumers, increasing social media buzz. The StarBev CEO stated our “Legends of Prague” ad to be “the benchmark for all Staropramen global communications from this day forward.”

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