In partnership with our German network agency Zum goldenen Hirschen, Passion Communications is the creative agency responsible for the complete adaptation of the Summer advertising campaign promoting the South Tyrol region in the Czech Republic. This included the full transcreation and sound recording for 11 versions of the film commercials as well as the adaptation of the website on The voice over adaptation was achieved with a sound studio in Prague while our creative lead was in direct contact with Zum goldenen Hirschen’s account manager in Munich supervising the approval. This is a testament to the level of professionalism which can be achieved on international campaigns when you have the right team in place on both ends.

The campaign targets the explorer psychographic profile which is very prevalent in the Czech Republic. It is for the ones who are curious, and enjoy the subtle “dolce vita” moments that nature offers with loved ones without pretentiousness. The film follows our 3 tips for successful storytelling by having a great opening scene, a climax and a resolution. We have worked with Zum goldenen Hirschen on the South Tyrol account for over a year as their Czech partner agency of record and we are both happy with each other’s services. We hope that the relationship continues further in the near future.

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