Through rounds of carefully planned campaign testing, we were able to create an engaging Facebook campaign that the company and their target market loved.


Response Now, a market research company, chose us to create a successful social media campaign on a low budget. The goal was to move “brand aware” members of their target market into the “consideration” and “preference” stages. 


Response Now had a lengthy list of email subscribers that we recognized as a great testing platform. We created three video campaigns with unique imagery conveying different emotions: Step Into, Data Talks, and Better Faster. Then, we created three groups of 200 email subscribers. We sent a video to each group, and tracked which performed best. Since Step Into and Better Faster received similar levels of strong engagement, we tweaked those two based on our collected data. Then, we sent them out one more time to 100 new subscribers each.

Our second round of testing identified a winning campaign: Better Faster. So this video was sent out to the remainder of Response Now’s email subscribers, and formatted to run on Facebook. Our campaign was a huge success, largely because of our comprehensive campaign testing process. For advice on using social media as a testing platform, check out this article.

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