At Passion Communications, sunny villa cinematography does not have to cost your business a fortune.


Sometimes the work we are passionate about finds us. Other times, we seek it.

Renomation is a business that equips houses with smart technology. They posted online requesting someone to produce a commercial for them with a rough script they had already prepared. When Passion Communications came across the opportunity, it intrigued us.

We knew we could create an engaging commercial that artistically portrayed the diverse integration of smart technology into a home. With an affluent target market in mind, we wasted no time creating a production plan for their script, along with a timeline and quote. When we submitted our ideas to Renomation, they loved how we captured such complicated technology in 60 seconds of easy-to-follow visuals. They gave us the green light.

Within weeks, we were ocean-side in Spain, filming pieces for their commercial at a beautiful home. We then brought the video clips back to our Prague office for editing. Using our talented in-house staff, we created this sleek informational tv commercial for only €8000. This price sounds great on its own, but even better when compared to the industry standard €50,000-€100,000 for outdoor production in the winter. The production cost of the commercial was well within Renomation’s budget, and they did not have to sacrifice quality. 

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