Social media is “ready to impact” business

Social bakers hired Passion Communications for the international product launch of their new Platform Suite. The campaign brief aimed at liberating the creative team to trust the platform allowing them to know which creative campaigns are working, suggested changes, and when to promote the social media content. Social Bakers wanted to communicate that social media managers across the world have a positive impact on the business and Social Bakers is the platform that empowers them to do so.

Why the #belibre campaign idea resonates with our customers

The campaign idea stems from this free spirit and became manifested in our Mexican luchador character under the hashtag #belibre and #readytoimpact. Our social media target audience sympathised with out social media fighter because like them, he lived a life behind the scenes, wearing a mask, and fighting for a cause. In the case of our customers, they are fighting for social media dominance and in the case of our BeLibre character, he was fighting for social media’s rightful place in the marketing sphere. In the end, they both want to make an impact in their industry and show that social media impacts the business.