Print Campaign on a Limited Budget

Burrito Loco is a small chain of burrito restaurants catering to young urban customers.  With its late hours and affordable menu, it has become the go to place to answer your Mexican food craving and tame the late-night hunger. The client wanted a poster to attract this certain crowd and pay homage to its Mexican roots.

The Inspiration

Our idea was inspired by the sounds a stomach makes when it is hungry. We thought it would be funny if these sounds were a mariachi band playing, telling you that what you need is a burrito. With very limited budget, we were able to shoot the campaign, post produce the mariachi band using only stock images, and put it all together in less the a week.

We Can Work with The Budget You Have, Not The One You Wish You Had

Our work with Burrito Loco is a testament that we are willing to work with any type of client and with very limited budgets.  Top-notch creative should not be accessible to only Fortune 500 companies; there are often options available to us that can level the playing field for even the smallest brand.