Introducing a New Product

Corny, which is part of the international Hero company, tasked us to launch the new Corny Big Fruit in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The unique selling proposition of the new Corny cereal snack bar was that it was made with 20% real fruit. We translated this uniqueness to “Fruitier taste, Fruitier life” and celebrated the spontaneously fun and fruity parts of life.

Let Your Content Go Viral

We began the campaign with a series of viral videos.  Unsuspecting customers were surprised by a famous comedian coming out a specially designed jack-in-the-box-style fruit stand. The campaign was supported by a TV commercial, online contest, outdoor campaign, sampling with hostesses and POS materials that showed consumers that “there’s a fruitier part of life in everyone.” Take a look at our TV commercial and see the full campaign case study.


The campaign resulted in more than 167,714 views of the online teaser, 7,132+ views of the commercials online, and over 14,000 bars given away. Market share increase was visible but we are not at liberty to disclose at this time.