A Campaign to Resonate with Urban Trendsetters

The Foot Shop asked us to create a series of posters for their store showcasing their products in a way that would resonate with the urban youth target audience.

Step into Another World

We realized that apparel for this age group is a way of creating a personal identity—each person wants to be seen as an individual. This led us to the idea that each and every one of us creates a little world within ourselves which represents their state of mind at that specific moment and your wardrobe reflects that. Hence, we created the campaign “Step into Another World” where we invited people to feel a little different when they wear clothes from the Foot Shop. We commissioned one of our Art Directors—who happens to be an awarded illustrator—to create bespoke illustrations each with a unique story hidden within. The illustrations invites the viewer to look through all the interesting mini stories that are happening within the illustration. In essence, each one is another world that you can step into.