With a limited budget, we launched an international PR campaign.

What Do You Do When The Government Takes What’s Yours?

The Czech government was attempting to cancel Czech Point 101‘s company trademark despite being instructed by a European Court not to do so. Passion was charged with escalating the situation in media and applying pressure on the government.

Return the Favor.

The Czech government was attempting to take our client‘s property, so we returned the favor by putting landmark Prague Castle up for sale. We built a website for interested buyers, shot a video about the plight of our client, and reached out to media outlets throughout the country.  The campaign hit all major Czech news outlets, and was even picked up by international news outlets such as Bloomberg and Reuters.


The owner of the Czech Point 101 was contacted by representatives of the Ministery of Interior .  They pledged their full support to put things straight, and Czech Point 101 is still in possession of their trademark. Passion Communications won a Silver Award in Art Director’s Award show for the campaign.