Previously known as Virgla, the now renamed Passion 1 is a platform that helps publishers transition their business to mobile with minimal investment, offering them various economical advantages and new ways to interact with readers.


We needed a brand image that showed the new vision of the company while paying homage to the previous identity. So we focused on displaying the digital transition that the brand represents, as well as creating a modern and flexible design.


The Passion 1 design was inspired by Penrose’s impossible figures and Passion 1’s previous logo under Virgla. Penrose’s style creates a sense of transformation and engages viewers with a unique perspective. We wanted to create a similar effect on our viewers and allow them to visualise the change that Passion 1 can have on their business.


Passion 1’s strong identity consists of a three-dimensional icon and a flat wordmark that is incorporated into two dimensions. While Passion Communications’ logo displays its passionate side by using a script font, this logo pushes its boundaries and delivers passion through its playful icon. Through the use of light and perspective, we were able to merge the shape of the number 1 into Penrose’s triangle, thus creating a strong visual that shows Passion 1’s ability to transform a business.

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