All year round, especially in summer, t-shirts are comfortable to wear for both women and men. Besides the quality of the fabric, we all like t-shirts for their designs. Whether you prefer to order t-shirts with your own designs or choose from a variety of t-shirt options, the design could be one of the decisive reasons why you might choose this business. Also, filling the niche of promotional products and uniforms with your own t-shirt business could be an option.

Digital marketing is always beneficial for t-shirt businesses and like in any other business, there are misconceptions when selling t-shirts online or promoting your t-shirt store. No matter how creative your designs are, you want your t-shirts to be visible to potential customers on the Internet. In fact, you can use your online presence to skyrocket your sales.

Avoiding all sorts of misconceptions in digital marketing could be your first step to successful t-shirt business. Read on to find answers to the most common digital marketing myths for t-shirt businesses.

Myth 1: T-Shirt Marketing Is Expensive

Many entrepreneurs are led to believe that t-shirt marketing is expensive. The experience of companies in other sectors shows that there are numerous cost-effective ways to market your business, including on the basis of t-shirts.

Writing an article or blog about your t-shirt business could be the first step. Creative or not, you can publish what you think is relevant in article directories or send it to non-competing websites, magazines and newspapers that accept submissions from businesses.

Include your phone number, the name of your business, your name and a reference to your merchandise at the end of the post, as this would help your customers make quick purchases.

You can also connect with your potential customers on social media by posting what you write and engaging with your audience.

Email marketing is another cost-effective and flexible way to get the word out about your business. Collect as many emails from your market as possible and send them all attractive new products and discounts. There’s a good chance some will buy if you send out 1,000 emails, and even more if you send out 50,000 emails. In the retail sector, email marketing’s open rates is around 18.23%, while the click rates are only 2.46%.

Likewise, influencer marketing is a really affordable way to promote your t-shirts. T-shirts are popular with everyone, including bloggers, DJs, and travelers.

You can ask them if they are willing to take photos wearing your most attention-grabbing t-shirts in return for a t-shirt itself, a gift card, a free dinner, or whatever you think is appropriate.

Alternatively, you can look for opinion leaders who like to review new products and services and ask them if they are willing to share their opinion about your shirts with their audience.

Myth 2: Holidays Account for 90% of T-Shirt Sales
Whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve, many people celebrate on certain dates throughout the year and your customers are likely to buy t-shirts for the occasion.

However, some entrepreneurs mistakenly assume that big sales are only made during celebrations, when in reality they have not paid attention to what people like to wear in everyday life.

You can have the most attractive t-shirt designs and still not get the maximum sales. If you allow your customers to design their own t-shirts and order only one for each design, you can increase your sales on normal days.

People like customisation. Make your customers’ everyday life special and let them participate in the design.

Myth 3: Website Design Is Not Decisive
Based on the advice above, you probably know that a website for your business is necessary not only for customers to find the t-shirts they want to see, but also for them to create their own designs. Existing in cyberspace is as important as having a physical store!

Of course, it’s not easy to set up a complete website if you have no knowledge of web design, and it would be a better idea to hire an art director and a good designer.

Remember that your website is your castle. Invest in a customer-focused website because customers will judge your brand by the look of your website.

A video or music that plays automatically is considered outdated and could turn off your customers. Too much glitter and effects are just annoying and slow down the loading of your website.

Look at the websites that attract more visitors and generate a lot of sales. Matching your website with your brand’s personality, videos, promotional materials, and social media pages will make your web design even better.

Myth 4: Google Ads Is Worthless
When it comes to Google Ads, there are a few myths surrounding it. One of the biggest misconceptions is that Google Ads is only useful for large companies.

In fact, Google Ads is ideal for a t-shirt startup because it allows you to determine not only how much you want to spend on advertising, but also your daily budget and maximum bid for cost-per-click, impression and conversion.

Moreover, it is a complete online advertising platform that is easy on your budget and allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads. So instead of investing half blindly in banner ads, brochures and TV or newspaper ads, you can run tracked and optimized campaigns through Google Ads.

Myth 5: Social Media Is A Media
Just like for your website, regular posting is a must for your brand’s social media accounts. However, if you assume that spreading your brand message through posts is enough, you are missing the point of social media.

Unlike regular media, social media is there to be social. Be proactive – interact with your followers by liking, commenting and sharing posts. It’s a double plus for your sales when customers know they are being heard by their brand.

Questions about t-shirt designs, sizes and availability should not annoy you. The more responsive you are to your customers, the more sales you’ll make.

Even though followers can be inconvenient, see it as an opportunity to develop your products and service and meet customer expectations.

All in all, marketing your t-shirt business can maximize your company’s potential if you use the right strategy and approach.

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