What do Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike sell? A plain answer would be electronics, soft drinks and sports wear. But we all know that these brands represent more than just the product they sell. Ask an iPhone user why they love their iPhone. The answer you are most likely to get is “Because it’s an iPhone”. So what makes an iPhone that is no different from any other premium smartphone in the market. A cool logo? A captivating slogan? A sleek website? A catchy jingle? The answer is all of these and more. A product is created in a factory but a brand is created in the consumer’s mind. It is the brand that drives the customer to your product. If done correctly, branding can reap many benefits for your company.


What feelings do brands represent? A few examples below show how each of these brands have managed to invoke these feelings in their customers.

Amazon: Convenience, Volvo: Safety, Apple: Innovation, Coco-Cola: Joy.

Did these associations happen by accident? Definitely not. All of these brands have managed to create their image through years and years of consistent compelling marketing campaigns. Consistency is key in all aspects from campaign slogans and eye catchy designs to the smallest of details on colors, fonts, and sounds.

New Coke : Genius marketing plan or a colossal brand launch failure?

In an effort to boost sales Coca-Cola launched the “New Coke” in April 1985. The result however was quite the opposite. The company received huge backlash, with over 400,000 angry letters from customers who got their beloved Coke taken away from them. A few months later the company introduced back the original formula branded as “Coca-Cola classic” resulting in siginificant sales boost. Whether this was a premeditated marketing ploy or a simple error of judgement, we will never know. But, what we do know is how important a brand can be to customers.



“Without a heart, its just a machine” – Southwest Airlines.

Employees are the cogs that make a firm run like a well-oiled machine. To keep those cogs functioning smoothly, requires regular maintenance and attention. Having a strong brand image is one essential aspect of the same. A marketing manager at Coca-Cola needs to know how a customer feels when taking a sip of their drink. It’s not a can of drink that he is selling but a can of joy.

As can be seen from the picture below to the right, the key motivating factors for employees besides money are related to a sense of belonging, sense of purpose and relation within the firm. All these values can be enhanced and incorporated within the employees using a strong brand image.

Branding is not only essential for customers. As an employee, you want to feel part of a family, a community, and a culture. If your employees are not passionate about your brand, the effects will be carried on to your customers. Every employee at the firm is a touchpoint for your customer, and a representation of your brand culture, unless you are in your cubicle crunching numbers all day. Your employees are a reflection of your firm and it’s paramount that they share the same values as your brand.

Employees are an integral part of what a brand represents. As various organs in a human body, though with different purposes, share the same DNA. The same applies to businesses. A brand is the DNA of your business and your employees are the organs working in harmony to keep the body healthy and strong. The values and culture that your brand exudes, need to trickle down the chain of command and be expressed by your workers as well. Passion within the employees is key. Make sure your workers are passionate about your brand, its customers and everything it stands for. Having a strong brand image keeps your employees to work towards creating a shared value keeping the brand and customer at heart.

A great example of a firm that excels at maintaining a strong brand image is Southwest Airlines. Southwest has a company culture centered around empowering employees, celebrating and recognizing their hard work. This translates to a good work ethic which in turn results in increased customer satisfaction and long lasting customer-employee and customer-brand relationships. Ultimately, the brand image is created through the workers of the company in the hearts and the minds of its customers.


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