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Top 5 Advertisements that Show Support for Women

Women are awesome! No doubt about that. In celebration of International Women’s day, here are our top 5 picks for advertisements that shine a spotlight on women in all their glory. The list is not in any particular order.

5. Yili Milk Ad

This ad by designer Shiyang He shows why people should stand for pregnant women on public transport. It’s simple really: precious cargo on board.

Best Ads that Support Women


4. Dove Beauty campaign

Dove’s beauty campaign still remains on this list because it is a classic. The group of ads challenge the viewer to make a decision about how they view women. Fit or gorgeous. Wonderful or flawless. It’s all beautiful.

Dove Beauty Campaign Best Womens Ad

3.  No More Apologies

Pantene had their #ShineStrong campaign that showed the difference depictions in the way men and women are seen in the workplace. The ad encourages women to shine strong and stop apologizing for their ambition.


2. Breast Cancer and Wonder Woman

Just like one of society’s most beloved super-woman, women everywhere need to check for signs of breast cancer monthly. This ad shows quite simply that even the strongest of us all need to take care of our health.

wonder woman breast cancer check advertisement

1. Throw like a girl?

Question: What does it mean to do something like a girl? Answer: No different than what it takes to do something like a boy.

Although this ad is not strictly an ad campaign, it’s on this list because little girls can grow up to become great women and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

Happy International Women’s Day!