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The Creative Class: Not Just Hipsters

4 Insights Into the Creative Class

If you made it this far, then you probably see the value in creating marketing strategies that specifically target the creative class. Below, you will find some helpful psychographic insights into the creative class that will help you on your way.


It is tempting to come to the conclusion that the creative class are hipsters due to the assumption that hipsters are creative. Keep in mind, however, that the creative class can be found in various fields ranging from technology to finance. A person can be classified as creative because they use their intellect, not necessarily because of their appreciation of aesthetics. In some cities, this adds to the added benefit, that they have a higher disposable income.

Average Annual Salary of Creative Industries California, 2015

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source: California EDD, QCEW Data

source: Otis


In crafting messages for the creative class, it is important to be inclusive of the various groups that are present in the community that is being marketed to. One of the measurements of a cities creativity index is their level of tolerance. It shows that if a city or area is accepting of minorities, such as homosexuals, then creatives are more likely to flock to those places. It follows that alienating or excluding historically alienated groups will lead to a backlash from the creative class.

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source: eBay/Pinterest


The creative class value products that are able to assist them in their creative endeavours. Being in a field that utilises the mind can be tasking and competitive. Anything that can be geared towards helping them achieve their goals is an added benefit. A good example of this is the Apple products and advertising of the late 90s and early 2000s. The MacBook was made specifically for creative people by eliminating a lot of the set-up needed for computers at the time and allowed them to get straight to what they wanted to do; create. This completed the purpose of allowing them to be creative and challenging them because they were unhindered in the pursuit of their craft.


The Mini Cooper advertising and marketing strategy understand the need for the creative class to express their individuality. The mini has over 1000 options that customers can use to customize their cars. The number of possible options is practically limitless. A car is a personal investment and also an extension of the owner, by allowing customers to place their personal stamp, Mini, allows them to say, “This is mine. No one else’s .” In summary, what drives the creative class is the passion for their chosen field and career. Intolerance is a barrier because it limits the experiences that can help them in their field. While products that help them to achieve their goals without restrictions have the opposite effect of expanding the scope of their experience. Understanding these aspects of the creative class is a good start to laying the foundation of a campaign targeted towards them.

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source: Mini 2