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Three tips for successful Storytelling

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away there was a business that never told its story to anyone. It had a great product to offer but could not make any sales because people did not know what this business does and most importantly why. Fortunately, the business met marketing fairy that explained the purpose of storytelling. How it can build loyalty and trust while also selling products or services at the same time.

A well-crafted story can transform a seemingly hopeless situation into an unexpected triumph. However, many entrepreneurs argue that serious organizations should not use this format of information delivery because they perceive the storytelling as an entertaining tool rather than informative. The purpose of the story is not only to delight the reader but also to instruct and lead. Storytelling has been used for many centuries in order to explain difficult concepts, someone’s personal experience, and deliver a vision in the most efficient way. Think about it, the Bible contains different stories that share accumulated knowledge and wisdom to help navigate and explain the world around us.

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t enjoy a great story? Here are a few tips that will help you to master storytelling and perhaps bring your business to the next level.

Introduce yourself: aka “The opening scene”

Many entrepreneurs tend to talk about their product or service benefits. But they should share more information about who they are. People more likely will buy from a business that they know and trust. Your goal as an entrepreneur is to connect with another human being through the authentic story of your business. It will have a more profound influence on someone than all the information in the world about your product.

Tip: Most of the businesses talk about how long they have been in business. And how superior they are to their competition. Blah, blah, blah, they put people to sleep. If you really want to engage people and make a lasting impression. Your story should be the one thing that sets you apart from everyone else.

Tell them WHY: also known as (aka) “The climax”

We live in a purpose-driven world, as the Simon Sinek said in his “Golden circle speech”, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. If you want to get loyal customers you have to set trustworthy relationships and win their hearts by helping people envision themselves with the lifestyle your brand promotes, aligns with or helps people achieve. The “why” in your story can be one of the biggest differentiators between your business and competitors’.

Tip: Storytelling gives you an open door and a line of connection between you and your potential customers. Your customers live a certain lifestyle and hold certain beliefs in common, so telling the story that supports that lifestyle and reinforce those common beliefs can go a long way toward building loyalty.

Give them Proof: aka “The Resolution”

Provide proof of a time you have successfully achieved a result for someone. It can be a personal experience or success story of your previous client. People reading those stories are able to see the value of the product or service your business is selling and choose you to help overcome their own business obstacles. As the founder of Passion Communications so often states, “we are in the business of solving problems creatively.”

Tip: When telling such a story, start by sharing difficulties the customers were facing when they came to you; then explain what your business did for them and why. Finally, divulge the benefits your customers hold now and how it will help them to steadily achieve the success in the future.

The storytelling for your business is one of the world’s most powerful tools. By using these three tips you will win the hearts and minds of your customers, turn your fairy tale into reality, and live happily ever after.

Written by Panko Marina