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Small business survives COVID with a marketing campaign that fights fire with fire

How do you get people excited for a mundane task like getting a haircut?

This is the exact same question that led the founder of Hell’s barber to the creation of what is now a barber salon like no other. Just like every other small business Hell’s Barber struggled to keep apace with the challenges imposed by the events of 2020. To keep the fire of the business burning, Hell’s barber approached Passion, looking for opportunities to revive their business.

Our team saw this as an opportunity to not only keep the flame of Hell’s barber ablaze through a difficult time, but also transform it into a raging fire. By creating a consolidated marketing campaign we positioned Hell’s barber as not only a place to get a haircut but a place to have a memorable experience unlike any other.

At Passion, our clients are at the heart of our business, and passion is what we bring into whatever we do. Our team created an aggressive marketing campaign that not only helped Hell’s Barber save their business, but also increase their brand awareness and a significant rise in sales

Burning through the uncertainty - the Hell’s barber campaign

Inspiration for the campaign came through the services offered by Hell’s barber which differentiates them from the competition: A signature service of cutting hair with fire and turkish singing. The campaign also included a complete audit of the journey of a Hell’s barber customer all the way from searching for a salon, to booking an appointment, to after-sales customer review. By doing this we identified touch-points in the customer journey that could be used to highlight the unique selling propositions of the shop and at the same time, improve internal processes.


The strategy implemented was an aggressive price promotion and awareness campaign to quickly grab market share from competitors in the area as well as build a large customer base. The idea was to look at the customer from a lifetime value perspective rather than a transactional perspective. As a newcomer in the market it was important to get people to try out the superior service of Hell’s Barber and do it as quickly as possible. We approached the case not with a single one-time service offering in mind, but the lifetime value a returning customer would bring to the business.

resuts of the campaign

Implemented marketing plan

  • Outdoor campaign targeted towards local metro stations
  • Google display targeted within 10k for brand awareness 
  • Using GA we limited the exposure to their core audience
  • Social media posts highlighting the fiery and unique experience on Facebook and Instagram 
  • YouTube retargeting to improve brand awareness and attribution modeling to generate more conversions
  • SEO changes to the landing pages to increase conversion

By making use of these strategies we were able to transform this struggling business to a well-established venture. Reach out to us below to find out how WE can help YOUR business grow and explore new venues through digital marketing.