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Online gaming is paying off for Atlantic City; who will come out on top?

Atlantic City

We have yet another casino revenue report that shows double-digit growth in revenue for 7 out of 8 casinos in Atlantic City. Golden Nugget saw an increase in revenue of almost 70%, similar to the sort of meteoric growth that they had been enjoying over the preceding months.  Much of this growth is attributed to gains in online gaming, which is still in its infancy but is certainly finding an audience.  Atlantic City is going digital, and they are reaping the benefits, but they must not stop there.
The casinos’ updated business models are leveraging their brand recognition and the security that they can offer online players to cater to the ever-growing demand for online gaming.  As this market expands, our casinos can and must convert these virtual customers into brick and mortar customers.  People can only stare at their cell phones so long; the energy from others at the table, the lights of the casino, the noise of the slots, and the personal attention of hosts are but the next offering once players tire of their 5.5-inch screen.

Digital Age and World

In order to drive these conversions from the digital realm to on-site visits, the casinos need to adopt 21st Century marketing plans.  Businesses in every imaginable sector have been employing such plans since the birth of the Internet, and there are a plethora of proven tools available to digital agencies.  The casinos that are quick to adapt these tools to the gaming industry will be those that emerge to dominate the online gaming market—they will also be in the position to convert their virtual customers to brick and mortar customers.  Agencies such as Passion that was born in the digital age will be essential in guiding them through the constantly changing world of digital.
The casinos in Atlantic City are doing better. They have finally been allowed to operate online, and there is still no clear winner.  Who figures it out first will be the victor and only time will tell.
What do you think?  Will online gambling drive visitors to Atlantic City?  Will online revenue supplement casino revenue?  Will online gambling replace brick and mortar gambling?