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#Me #Myself and #I Instagram Narcissism – or how many “selfies” can you stand?

Today when you woke up in the morning, how many selfies on Instagram did you see? Okay hold, let me rephrase: how many did you take? One in bathroom, one in elevator, car/bus/train/subway, school/work, one at lunch and another one your way home… Wow, slow down not that fast please! Did you know- more than 126 million pictures are tagged with #selfie on Instagram. Well, it seems we are not as unique as we thought we were. Approximately more than one million selfies are taken every day. And the Instagram self-obsession goes way beyond this. The narcissist love on Instagram boosts up the production of daily selfies named #selfiemonday, #selfietuesday, #selfiewednesday etc. The generation Y or Millennials are making up the majority of Instagram users, and these youngsters accelerate this Web trend.

Mr. & Mrs. Me or other bizarre hashtags on Instagram

Congratulations people! If you have survived your friend’s lunch, girlfriend’s mirror selfie, somebody’s feet on the beach, and cappuccino art, then now it’s time for some really nasty things.

#AfterSex selfie rises in popularity among Instagram users. And yes, it is exactly the post-sex pictures of people. Cigarettes, open hands and open lips, bared skin, bedroom eyes, etc. #AfterSexHair, #AfterSexselfie, #AfterSexFace follow the same trend. Youngsters are willingly exposing their personal lives without any privacy concerns- as-long-as-I-am-getting-likes-I-am-doing-great motto.

#Funeral is another example of weird hashtags, which is used for posting selfies of grieving faces and black fashionable outfits. Along with this hashtag, posters add#grief #death #sad #ugh #needahug #whattowear #lonely The most surprising thing about this trend is that users mainly consist of both females and males, who try to increase the following and engagement rates while neglecting ethical concerns.

#NoMakeUp or #NoMakeUpSelfie are widely used by billions worldwide either to increase their self-esteem or participate in the charity campaign, which raised more than £8 million for Cancer Research UK. Women and girls post pictures of themselves on Instagram without wearing any make-up. Not really sure if it’s good or bad…

Overpromoting yourself online and failing to reach desired goals are the most common practices nowadays. Millions of #Me #Myself and #I users are seeking appreciation and recognition, and we would like to pose a question- is selfie trend a cause or effect of Narcissism?

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