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How B2B sales and interactions have changed through the past year

Source: Mckinsey 2020

With the world moving towards a digital environment at a pace faster than ever before, B2B interactions have changed for good. A large number of B2B sellers have already gone fully digital. Embracing the world of 1s and 0s is a necessity to stay competitive and relevant. In the following section we discuss 6 quick steps for B2B sellers to kick off their transformation to the digital.

How to Improve the B2B customer experience

Focus on delivering value in all sales channels with transparency, speed and competence.

Whether it is online marketplaces such as Ebay, Alibaba, Amazon Business  or traditional distribution channels make sure your buyers have an equally fulfilling experience that is reflective of the company’s value proposition and product offerings.

Optimise your e-commerce website to offer buyers convenience and a smooth experience

In a market saturated by sellers offering identical products, make yourself stand out by offering an effortless and convenient checkout process for your products and allowing buyers to easily search for, get information for and pay for your products in order to reach a good checkout rate.

Fix top issues faced by buyers in the B2B sales process

The top frustrations that buyers have with websites are tediously long ordering processes, difficulty finding the right products, unavailability of detailed data on product lines, and technical glitches. Make certain that your website avoids these pitfalls and offers buyers a well detailed outline of our products and services. We explore these issues further in this article.

Offer human interaction wherever needed for sales

Offering the human touch in your sales interactions gives a higher level of satisfaction for buyers. In addition, this offers you as the seller the ability to identify key areas for improvement of products, services and your interface. Incorporate live chat into your website and offer 24/7 customer support through telephone if possible.

Train your sales team in the use of digital tools 

Online video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams go beyond offering simply video calling features. With an ocean of collaborative tools and add-ons these platforms offer innovative ways to interact with your team, buyers and lead generation.

Advertise through social media, especially on mobile devices

According to Statista more than 90 percent internet users have access to mobile devices. With the unique targeting capabilities offered by social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, social media advertising is no longer effective only for B2C customers but the B2B sector as well. 

In conclusion, the B2B landcsape has undergone a fast digital transformation accelerated by the COVID pandemic. Buyers, sellers, marketers and all other workers involved in the sales process need to be quickly adapt to new technologies and tools to stay at the front of this new era. 


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