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Facebook Promotion II: The Secret is Engagement

As discussed in our previous article, “Getting Personal is the Key to Growth,” Facebook is a unique tool that provides you with the ability to connect with your target market on a personal level. It’s a free space for you to promote your brand’s personality and passions, as well as a way to get your audience involved. There are many ways in which consumer engagement can help you grow your Facebook following. The way Facebook’s algorithm works, friends of your followers will be able to see when your followers are engaging with your page. If you’re posting quality material, it’s likely that they will want to join the fun. Follow these five tips below to ensure you’re promoting your Facebook in an interactive way that people will enjoy.

Paid Advertising

If Facebook promotion is a priority of yours, you may want to consider allocating it a budget. The benefit of paid advertisements is that they reach more individuals than you could with organic reach. The abilities and formats of Facebook’s advertisements range from simple invitations to like a page, to event promotion, and more. The company offers a variety 

of strategies at different prices. That way, no matter the size of your company, you will find a plan you’re comfortable with.

If you’re looking to advertise at the lowest possible price, Facebook offers a detailed explanation of how you can plan a campaign at a minimum budget. (This begins at just $1 a day!) Beware though— advertising on Facebook can do wonders for your reach, and even be highly lucrative. However it can also have no effect on your goals if not executed correctly. It is wise to do your research on the best way for you to advertise based on your target market and goals. Once you have a potential advertisement created, use this free service to predict whether or not your ad is worthy of financial investment.

Exercise: Scroll through your personal Facebook account and see what types of ads catch your eye. https://www.facebook.com/

Contests: People will do anything for a free T-Shirt.

Everyone loves free stuff. But you are smart enough to know that nothing in life is ever really “free.” When customers win giveaways in a contest, it is because they have already paid the price with advertising your product. Contests with prizes are one of the best ways to involve your existing followers while simultaneously promoting your page to new people. Consumers will be willing to do just about anything to receive something of value in return. Below are just a few contest ideas:

  • Invite ten friends to like our page and enter for a chance to win.
  • Post a picture of you doing [X] and tag us for a chance to win.
  • Be the 100th person to view our Facebook live to win.

You get the idea. Launch whichever contest suits your company and promotion goals best. Then, watch your Facebook following grow as people get excited about your campaign. Just make sure your contest is not breaking any of Facebook’s policies!

Example: Tell Dove why your friend is beautiful for a chance to pose as a model for them. https://tinyurl.com/y7fpg68m

Plot twist: You can post too much.

You create fantastic Facebook content, yet when you post it several times daily for weeks on end, it flops every time. Why? Perhaps it’s because you didn’t use a frequency strategy. Frequency strategies are important when you are promoting your Facebook page. You have to find a balance between posting often enough that people are aware of your presence, and not posting so much that your account is viewed as spam. An effective frequency can be tricky to determine without a guide.

Luckily for you, Facebook has conducted a plethora of research of frequency strategies, and has made it available to you for free. They admit that while there is no holy grail frequency that will work every time for every company, there are ways you can identify the frequency that will work best for your company. “The collection of factors shown [below] provide marketers with a useful framework for adjusting the effective frequency caps starting from at least a baseline frequency cap of 1 to 2 per week, which we found to be effective across the campaigns in this study.” (Facebook IQ) According to Facebook, there are three main elements to consider when determining frequency. They are: your market’s current environment, your advertisement’s message factors, and your media factors.

More frequency advice for you directly from Facebook: https://tinyurl.com/yazvdsr4

Testimonials: Word of mouth still reigns supreme.

Facebook is a platform where a significant amount of public opinion sharing occurs, (shout-out to that one overly-political cousin). Because of this, it’s one of the best platforms out there for the spreading WOM. A Facebook fan of yours is public— out there in the open for all of their friends to see. Consumers trust other consumers, especially if they’re connected to them in some way. Encouraging your followers to write testimonials on your page is one of the best methods of promotion. All of that follower’s friends will see that they have tried your product or service, and felt strongly enough about it to take the time out of their day to write a testimonial.

Testimonials also help potential members of your target market decide whether or not they want to follow your page and support your brand. (It’s a two-for-one deal. You get to see what you’re doing right, and what aspects of your product you could improve.) Click the link below to get your testimonial collection started!

Example: Our Passion Communications Facebook is a great example of creating a space on your page where customers can leave reviews. https://tinyurl.com/y8kjmly8


Nobody said professional Facebook promotion would be easy. If you follow our tips though, it will be worth it. Thanks for the read. Feel free to comment your favorite tips below, or leave us suggestions! Be sure to check out “Using Your Personal LinkedIn for Marketing” if you enjoyed this article. 


Written By: Victoria Kline