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Facebook: Getting Personal Is the Key to Growth

Congratulations on being ahead of the game.

Because if you’re here, that means you have likely recognized that successfully promoting your business’s Facebook page is more complicated than running your personal social account. If you are struggling, it may be because your business is using Facebook incorrectly— treating it as another place to leave advertisements, instead of utilizing it as an efficient channel to connect with your target market on a personal level. 

The reason your social profile is successful amongst your friends is because it is all human characteristics, emotions, and meaningful memories and visuals. Facebook is a platform for people, not products. Customers search Facebook looking for what they cannot find on a company website or in a store. Often times, professional Facebook pages fail because the “people” tend to get lost amongst the product. The five tips below offer ways in which you can utilize your page to promote your brand’s personality, goals, and passions. If you like what you find, check back next week for more.

1. Harness the Promotional Power of CSR

Studies indicate that consumer attitudes and purchase intentions are influenced by CSR initiatives – if consumers are aware of them.” (Pomering & Dolnicar) Conveniently, Facebook is a wonderful (and free) way to accumulate an audience. Link up with a charity to create a Facebook-based Corporate Social Responsibility campaign that will direct traffic to your page. Something along the lines of, “For every share this post gets, we will donate $1 to [insert charity here].” Your post gets shared with new audience members thanks to joint-marketing efforts between you and your partner. Your reputation also improves, and you are doing some good in the world. All parties win. Think of the children, animals, Earth —  whatever cause you and your company can get behind.

Example: Papa Johns donates $1 to the Salvation Army for every share, like, or comment on a Facebook post to raise hunger awareness.

2. Go Live: Promote Your Page Using Facebook Live

In high competition markets, service can be a deal breaker or maker for product seeking customers. Facebook Live updates are like giving followers a VIP pass to the “Behind the Scenes” of your company. Humans like to see the faces (like yours!) that make companies work. Facebook Live will incentivize your target market to like your page because the platform provides them content they won’t be able to find anywhere else. Content that makes them feel informed, excited, and special. Then, it will work to maintain your followers by making them feel like they’re a part of your team. Two birds. One stone.

Example: ASPCA goes live all day to attract puppy lovers, increase awareness of their page, and encourage adoption. 

3. Marketing Micro-Influencers, Macro-Traffic

Maybe paying Bella Hadid to seductively eat your product on TV isn’t in your budget. That doesn’t mean promotion via sponsorship is out of the question. It just means that you’re going to have to buckle down and do some research on a Micro-Influencer whose audience suits your target market. If this term is unfamiliar to you, the quick and dirty of it is—  an individual whose audience may be small, but extremely loyal. Team up with one or more micro-influencer to get them to promote your Facebook page on their media platform(s). This is most-effective when you are running a campaign that is relevant to the service they offer their customers.

Example: HelloFresh uses a Wellness YouTuber with less than 100,000 subscribers to direct traffic to their website. (Traffic could just as easily be directed to a Facebook page.)

4. Video Promotion Via Film

You’re scrolling on your personal Facebook page. What viral videos do you see your friends sharing with each other? Cute dogs wrestling? Educational snippets? Maybe a video that makes you want to laugh, cry, or believe in humanity again? What you don’t typically see shared are random promotional posts released by companies solely focusing on their product. This tip is kindly letting you know that video promotions are the way of the Facebook world. When using videos to promote your Facebook page, you must make them entertaining enough to share. The idea is to slyly slip your product into a video that seems as though it could have been devised for entertainment. Then encourage your followers to share it on their pages. 

Example: Volvo advertises a safe car model with this pathos filled film. 

5. Host the Facebook Event of the Year

Intimate customer connections are an excellent way to gain and maintain brand loyalty. Meeting face to face with customers is one of the best ways to go about creating these relationships. Plan events such as community clean-ups or educational speakers, and invite your followers to the event via Facebook. When your followers express interest in the event, the Facebook algorithm can recommend your event to their friends who may not follow your page. This will encourage them to check it out, and maybe even attend your event.

Example: Patagonia hosts morning Yoga during the summer and invites Facebook friend via a Facebook Event, increasing traffic to their page.

These five tips steer you closer to transforming your professional Facebook page into a self-promoting and accurate reflection of your whole company— products, ambition, and most importantly, people. If you found this article helpful, check back in next week to read five more related tips. As always, feel free to comment your favorite tips below, or leave us suggestions!


Written By:  Victoria Kline.