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How Companies Celebrating Pride This Summer 2018

Summer means barbeques with friends and family, outdoor swimming, and opening the windows for some fresh air. For a certain demographic, it may also mean celebrating sexuality. The LGBTQ community chose the month of June to coin “Pride Month,” however, pride events take place around the world all throughout the summer. These events are not only celebrated by the queer, but also by the corporate world. According to CMI’s 2018 LGBTQ Community Survey, 85% of the queer community agrees that they need corporate support now more than ever. However, businesses capitalize on pride in different ways– some do it to support the community, and others to just make some quick cash. We’ll see LGBTQ marketing and community’s reaction.

According to CMI’s 2018 LGBTQ Community Survey, 85% of the LGBTQ community agrees that companies supporting the queer community are more important now than ever. If you are a business interested in putting out a pride marketing campaign, take notes from these 3 businesses who ran successful and moral pride campaigns.

Under Armour

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Under Amour’s 2018 pride line has been undoubtedly successful this year. They came out with a small but concrete line of clothing all featuring a rainbow pattern. 100% of the proceeds brought in from sales of these pride items are being donated to Athlete Ally, which is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the inclusion of the LGBTQ community in sports. Their mission is to “end the rampant homophobia and transphobia in sport and to activate the athletic community to exercise their leadership to champion LGBTQ equality.” (Athlete Ally)

There are two things that make this LGBTQ marketing campaign wholesome and effective. The first is that Under Armour is donating all of their funds raised through this campaign to a nonprofit organization. Some of Athlete Ally’s accomplishments include lobbying for equality, establishing resource guides, creating an inclusiveness scoring system for sports fields and more. The other is its marketing angle. Under Armour is a retailer that sells sporting gear, so supporting an LGBTQ nonprofit specific to their target market is smart. It’s likely that some Under Armour consumers have been directly affected by Athlete Ally. Thus, their campaign is not only serving good looks, but also public good that affects their customers.


Freeform television network, (previously known as ABC Family), has been a pioneer in the world of LGBTQ television. They have aired numerous shows featuring openly gay characters, such as Modern Family, Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Stitchers, Shadowhunters, and more. For pride month, Freeform decided to highlight several of their LGBTQ role models in a special pride campaign, staying true to their slogan “a little forward.” They aired this commercial, complemented by pride posts on their blog. An example of these posts includes a list of their most empowering LGBTQ characters.

Freeform is known to be one of the most progressive television networks and has a sizable LGBTQ marketing percentage. All eyes were on them to release a pride campaign, and they delivered. Their campaign has been criticized for not directly making any financial donations to the LGBTQ community. That being said, it’s important to point out that Freeform takes on similar responsibilities as many LGBTQ organizations. They advocate for pride rights through their network’s shows. Additionally, many of their shows featuring members of the LGBTQ community regularly partner with nonprofits and charities. The campaign works efficiently for them due to the fact that they are highlighting their existing products and do not have to spend extra money making special LGBTQ products like Under Armour did.


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