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Automation VS Personalization

In practice, the more automated your campaigns are, the less personal they become. Asa result, the level of automation you should use depends on what purpose your campaign serves and how personal you want it to be.

Promotional Email Campaigns require Hight Level of Personalization

Using email personalization as a marketing tactic can create more targeted emails based on data you have about your audience. Personalization involves customizing the content based on your subscribers’ unique qualities. Such as name, gender, birthday, interests, location, recent purchases and more.

Marketing channels these days are overloaded with advertisings. That’s why in order to differentiate your message and catch customer attention you should use personalization. In fact, studies show that personalized emails have 2.5 times higher click-through rates, and are 6 times more likely to drive a conversion. Additionally, 73% of consumers report they would rather do business with brands that use personal information to increase the relevancy of their experiences.

Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

Automatically follow-up with leads

Even though personalization is a great way to make communication with customers highly effective. In some cases, it should be replaced by automation regarding the simplicity of the message. The follow-up email can be as simple as a thank you for subscribing or visiting the website. It does not require a highly personalized approach. But can be automatically sent as a greeting letter to the customer in order to establish friendly relationships, remind about the company, or offer additional content to read.

According to a study on the Harvard Business Review suggested that you are 60 times more likely to qualify a lead. If you follow up within one hour, compared to waiting 24 hours.

Hence, using the automation tool can ensure that every hot lead is followed up with straight away. Whether it is at 9 pm in the evening or 6 am in the morning, your automation system will take care of your new subscribers.

Scheduled posts and campaigns ahead of time

Marketing automation tools will help you to stay organized by allowing you to schedule your campaigns and social media posts ahead of time. This functionality has been around since the early days of social media marketing. Also developed by implementing the CRM system in its operation.

Scheduled posts and campaigns intended to different segments of your audience and based on data from the CRM system. That’s a great example of where you can use a mix of personalization and automation. For instance, instead of scheduling a one size fits all message to your whole database, you could schedule five slight variations to five different segments of your audience. All a bit more personalized to their interests and needs.

Currently, 33% of marketers rely on machine-learning personalization. Using algorithms and predictive analytics to dynamically present recommendations and experiences at the individual “one-to-one” level.

This approach will help you to provide the right content to your target audience. That’s inserting personalization and constantly keeping them updated with the company’s news by using automation that allows you to schedule your messages.

Using personalization and automation in the right proportions can supercharge your marketing campaigns. That’s increasing engagement, relevancy, and bring more revenue to your business.

Written by: Panko Marina