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5 Ways to Attract Millennials

Millennials are one of the most sought after demographics in the marketing world. But it isn’t always easy to tell what they like. So what do millennials connect with when it comes to advertising and marketing? Read on to find out…

1.) Activism

Millennials tend to be politically and socially active. They protest, rally, and stand up for the causes they believe in. Therefore, it makes sense that they want to see the same sort of dedication and commitment from their brands. According to AdWeek, after millennials find out that a brand is socially active, 83% are likely to trust that brand more, and 79% are likely to buy that company’s product. So keep in mind that it pays to be active and aware.

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2.) Engagement

When it comes to connecting with millennials, social engagement is key. It’s not enough anymore for a brand to simply put out and market a product. They need to interact with and engage their consumers. Forbes states that 62% of millennials want brands to engage with them on social networks. This means Facebook outreach, Snapchat campaigns, Instagram posts, and other forms of communication that involve the younger generation in the company. They want to feel included and important, and social engagement is a great way to accomplish that goal.

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3.) Humor

Everyone loves a good laugh, and no one loves to laugh more than millennials. Psychology for Marketers writes, “we buy from people we like, and humor is the easiest and fastest way to get there.” Humor is a great way to appeal to all age groups, especially millennials, who are looking for authentic, interesting content that engages and entertains them. As Inc. writes, “employing comedy when interacting with millennials can help solidify the connection you make.” So crack a joke, and connect with your audience!

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4.) Authenticity

Authenticity is perhaps one of the key components in creating a successful campaign to market to millennials. Traditional advertising ploys can come across as fake or forced. Even sexy advertising, which has long been used to market to customers, has not been working lately. Instead, millennials want to see that brands are truthful and honest in their campaigns. As AdAge explains, “Your brand must truly reflect the feeling and beliefs of the curator or creator. You want people who would not produce content for your brand if they did not believe in it.” Millennials are smart, and know when brands are trying to hard to win their attention.

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5.) Passion

Lastly, have passion. Authenticity means nothing if your brand isn’t passionate about its project, and its mission. You can demonstrate your passion by combining social engagement, humor, activism, and authenticity. The sheer number of fandoms and crazes that have arisen in past years should indicate that millennials work and interact in a passion economy. In order to keep up, “focus on your brand’s core meaning…Rather than obsessing over millennials’ generational differences, embrace the passions and idiosyncrasies of your offering. That’s what will connect your brand to millennials as individuals”

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