5 tips for marketing your SME with ZERO budget

Dear contractors, freelancers, sole traders, hairdressers and all who are defined under the term of small and medium-sized enterprises!

Small and medium-sized enterprises…. Isn’t that a quite broad definition? In the UK it is used to call enterprises with fewer than 250 employees, while the United States considers SMEs to include firms with fewer than 500 employees. The definition might fluctuate, but in such competitive arenas where SMEs are bound to encounter well-established businesses, standing out from the crowd demands hard work.

No matter how small or broad our businesses seem to be, it must be admitted that our ambitions are as big as our efficiency. It is well known that SMEs have the remarkable ability to fuel economic growth. We create many new job opportunities, drive the bandwagon of innovation and expand the tax base. As proud entrepreneurs we might consider 5 simple tips that will adapt and expand our SMEs in today’s conditions.

1. Use Social Media Wisely.

Besides the engagement, social media allows us to understand who our audience is. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other marketing tools are not always about posting new interesting content, but also posting the right content to the right people. Such demographic variables like country, gender, and household income can inform us of who and where our audience is.

2. PR and Influencer Marketing.

SMEs increase the competition amongst the peers and heat up the market scenario. This continuous struggle for supremacy brings out the best in a business. However, while small businesses may be competing against larger businesses to work with online influencers, considering collaborating with micro-influencer would not be a mistake in 2022. According to the founder of Homesthetics.net, micro-influencers are more open to working with small businesses. Plus, they allow you to save money because their help does not cost as much.

3. Know Your Competitors.

Know your competitors behavior, their tactics and logic to anticipate what they will be likely to do next. When we are on a frontline where competitors use all available resources there is no shame in using all possible legal search tools. Not limited to your favorite search engine you can start using some really helpful sites. Specifically, SpyFu for identifying keywords and Adwords our competitors use, Google Trends for checking where your site visitors go, and Google Alerts for setting alerts for your competitors to know what they are up to and for yourself to see if anyone else is talking about you.

4. Create Quality Content.

Writing relevant content is crucial, but it will not be as effective in 2022 if it lacks quality. Remember the rule of three to make your content with quality. First, don’t go overboard with keywords. Think about the words your clients are likely to use when looking for your products or services on the web, but know that search engines are programmed to recognize when you’re trying to game the system by stuffing content with keywords. People don’t want to read that so search engines won’t feature it in results. Second, logically structure your headings. If you use H1, H2, and H3 appropriately you will be rewarded attention from search engines and it will comfort the reading experience for your audience. Third, give your content a value. Do not hide anything while writing, be as precise as possible and make sure you know what you write about.

5. Mobile-friendly Means Customer-friendly.

Do you use your phone to google anything relevant or interesting for you? So do your clients. Smartphones are practical for surfing the net and the day will come when smartphones will replace computers. Therefore, if you don’t want to lag behind, make sure your site’s mobile-friendliness is a priority. Check if your website displays content equally quick and appropriate on any device. Consider simpler designs and compressed images to speed up your site as users only give your page three seconds to load before they decide to leave. Also, turn off those annoying pop-ups as it’s often hard to find and click the button to close them. As a cherry on top, you want to space out your links by making buttons large enough to click easily.

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