Candy stores are very popular with children and adults. Candy makes a good gift for anniversaries of all kinds and is a welcome gift all year round.

You may even want to open your own candy store. But where do you start and how do you go about this sweet business? Are candy stores different from other stores and why? Because candy is sweet?

If you work in a candy store, you probably know the answers to these questions. However, there is always room for improvement and opportunity that can double or triple your profits and your customers’ satisfaction.

The secrets lie in the tactics we choose to market, manage and relate to customers, which are often not without misunderstandings. Let us dive deeper into these issues together to discover solutions we have not thought of.

To help you understand all the misunderstandings, we will mention in particular a Mini Kiss candy store we visited that would serve as an example with its pros and cons.

1. Right Operation Location

Choosing the right location for your candy store is very important because selling candy is a relatively straightforward business. There is no shame in spending money on location. Ideally, your candy store should be located in a very busy area of a city, town or village.

Think about how easy it will be for your customers to walk to your store and how you can increase impulse buying since people will see your candy banners and figurines near your store. Remember the rule of thumb that the right location is also crucial during the quarantine period, especially as pandemic restrictions come to an end in several countries.

We can see that our example candy store followed this rule. As a result, Mini Kiss now allows its customers to celebrate their birthday, celebrate holidays or improve their mood even on the darkest day in its downtown café.

2. Pick Your Niche

Although there are miles and miles of candy in your store, and it seems that candy is already specific enough as a topic for the products you offer, this category is extremely broad. There are far too many types of candy, and you want to offer some of the rarer or more unusual varieties.

Let us look at the example of our candy store. Mini Kiss offers candy from America, Japan, and other parts of the world. Apart from the fact that sweets from America and Japan are delicious, they are also rare in Europe. Mini Kiss is based in Lithuania and lures local customers with candy from the other end of the map.

If your business is based in America, you can also offer your customers candy from Europe, Asia or Australia, and vice versa. Consider popular brands and unique candies based on your customers’ preferences or candy destinations around the world. Think about the candy you would buy as a gift on a trip abroad.

3. Free Delivery
It is beneficial if your candy store has an online or social media page where people can order products without leaving the house. However, establishing a free delivery service would expand the potential market to include customers who want to send candy to their relatives in the hospital or loved ones at the holidays, as well as business owners who want to reward their customers or employees with their favorite box of chocolates or candies.

One of our research examples, a Mini Kiss candy store, has a good website that includes a full catalog of its candies, soft drinks and snacks from America, Japan and other parts of the world. Aside from this positive sign, the store only offers free shipping on orders of 20 euros or more. This strategy could make consumers buy more products, but in reality it reduces the number of online orders.

4. Well-Established Online Purchases

Continuing the investigation of the candy store, it is worth noting that one of the challenges Mini Kiss faces, according to its sellers, is a lack of products in terms of online shopping. The website does not always match the quantity of certain products, and this can be annoying. This is because when all the products have been purchased from a store, customers who have already made purchases online have to wait for a new shipment.

If the store would get in touch with their customers and keep them updated, there would be less misunderstanding between the customer and the store. Therefore, you should also communicate with your customers about the possibility of delays.

You can do this by interacting with your customers online, such as setting up forums about which candies are better. Be sure that this way you can also create a segment of regular customers and better understand the taste preferences of your customers.

Similarly, for some reason Mini Kiss does not have an option to take goods directly from the physical store after paying for them on a website. So giving your customers the option to choose between home delivery and in-store takeaway would encourage them to make regular purchases. Imagine paying for an AriZona Strawberry drink online and taking it to the store without worrying about someone taking it for you.

So while it may seem like you are enticing consumers to make regular blind purchases with products that are always available, in reality, customers are finding that the products are not as available as they are portrayed online. In such situations, customers are likely to clarify the location of their order by going to the store and wishing to buy the products directly from the store, as there they can ensure which sweets are actually available.

5. Find Trustworthy Partners
As can be seen from the advice above, working on shipping options and payment options for customers will increase orders on your website. Efficiency in filling the orders is what you want to achieve to keep your candy store going. Make sure you build relationships with dependable companies — particularly shipping carriers.

So selling candies is easy if you have wholesalers and distribution companies besides that it’s crucial to find the reliable ones. Perhaps, you wish to start partnering with each and every vendor that offers efficient supplies, especially if you are a startup. Bear in mind that some suppliers take advantage of fresh business owners like you. ​​

Therefore, you can not strike a deal with every company that crosses your path. To avoid falling for a scammer, do your research on each potential supplier. Talk to them first, find out about them, and then read reviews from other people who partnered with them. Make sure you familiarize yourself with what you are getting into before you reveal your business model to the vendor.

Stay Pragmatic and Optimistic
As world events change the way people run their businesses, keep an eye on the future to make your candy store adaptable. Take the lead and make reactive or proactive decisions as needed because it will impact your business success.

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